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Lockdown three, week seven - delivery woes but takeaway triumphs!

As we enter the seventh week of this lockdown (blimey!) we remain massively grateful to everyone who supports us with our takeaways and for the fact we live in such a great part of the country. It does make all this bearable :-)

We have had some lovely feedback from customers recently, with comments such as "The best chips ever" and "This was the greatest takeaway since lockdown one, we'll definitely be back." We are chuffed you're enjoying the food and love seeing you all even if it is for just a few moments each week when you collect!

Those who follow our Facebook page will know we had hoped to start offering deliveries to the local area. Sadly, being a little late to that particular party has worked against us. Insurance companies appear to have cottoned onto the fact that many more businesses are looking to deliver hot food and have either categorically decided not to provide cover for this (including our own insurance company) or charge a significant amount to update policies to include it. We will keep looking - but initial research

has made it unviable in terms of costs. If we come across anything that makes it feasible, we will be shouting it from the rooftops as soon as we can!

Otherwise work continues in the garden to update our outside space to make it a practical option as and when it is safe to re-open. And the dogs, as you can see from the photos, are getting very used to lazing around on the sofas for tickles, so be warned if you choose those seats when you are allowed back in to visit them :-)

So, whilst we wait for the next instalment from Downing Street on the 22 February, we hope you all manage to stay safe and come and see us for some comfort food at the weekend if you can.

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