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Easter fun!

Whilst the weather doesn't seem to have got the memo, the Easter bunny is due to pay us all a visit in the next few days!

We are fully booked for our roast on Easter Sunday, but we are open our usual hours to come and enjoy a treat out with family and friends over the Easter break.

We also have a big Easter pub quiz on Sunday evening at 6pm, which will have a giant Easter Egg as the prize (the bunny dropped it off early for us!)

We also have our ever-popular Carvery and Music Bingo event on Saturday 6 April. It's like normal bingo, but we play and call songs rather than numbers, which means you get to sing and dance along as we go! It's a fun, family-friendly night with cash prizes ranging from £50 to over £100 per game. At just £20 per ticket for your carvery and the bingo, you could go home quids in!

Easter is a busy one, so please do call to book on 01805 625313 or use our online reservations option right here on our website.

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