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Lockdown 2

So, here we go again. Lockdown mark II.

Whilst it's a frustrating blow for all the businesses that have done everything they can to keep people safe, we keep calm and carry on!

We're doing takeaways again - they'll work in the same way as lockdown one, but with a key difference: this time round you can order anything from our menu on either Friday or Saturday evening. So, if you fancy a treat, check out the takeaway tab on our website and get your order in. You can do this online, or give us a call on 01805 938285.

We haven't set up the grocery service this time round, as the suppliers we used in lockdown one can now deliver direct to you. Dartfresh ( can take orders online or over the phone and will deliver next day to your door. Wares in Torrington will also deliver on certain days across the region - give them a call to find out when they can get to you and to place an order. These businesses have done a sterling job turning their operations on a hairpin to ensure you can get quality produce safely, so we feel it makes sense for you to go to them direct. However, if you would find it helpful for us to act as a delivery hub to take your orders in whilst you're at work or otherwise not available, then please give us a ring.

We are also more than happy to help with things like collecting prescriptions, running errands or checking on friends or relatives in the area (all safely distanced of course) - so get in touch if you would like us to help out in any way.

Thank you for all the support - we have had a brilliant few months with lots of you visiting us and we can't wait to be back in that realm again. In the meantime, we look forward to a quick catch up when you collect your takeaway treats!

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