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Holiday in January - reduced opening hours!

A quick heads up that we (Roy and Sally) are planning our usual escape in January, between the 9 and 25 of the month, which means we will be reducing our opening hours for those two weeks as we'll be leaving you in the very capable hands of our team, but as they have other jobs/lives, they sadly can't open all the hours we usually do.

We will open between these dates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings only, from 6pm until late. Please also note that it will be strictly bookings only for food during this period, as this will allow our stand-in team to plan how much man-power they need for each shift.

The break is a chance for us to spend more than a couple of days away from the pub and catch up with family and friends we haven't seen over the year, including a belated family Christmas gathering!

Please keep a close eye on our FB and social media pages for updates over these two weeks as well, as if the relief team have to make any changes, they will update via these channels. Or, just give us a quick call before you head out to check all is as planned on 01805 625313.

We will be back open as usual on Wednesday 25 January and running our usual hours from that point onwards.

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