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Hear that? That’s the jungle drums a-beating, and, as we know they have been at it for a little while now, we figured we should share an update to ensure they stay on beat! Those who visit regularly are aware that we are planning to move away from these parts in the near future. This is purely for personal reasons, which come down to needing to be nearer family who live on the opposite coast.

However, fear not – the pub will be in great hands! Josh and his family, who currently also run The Cavalier in Torrington are going to be taking over here as well. Josh has a wealth of experience and ideas to take the pub from strength to strength. Food will still be served regularly, drinks will flow readily and entertainment laid on to keep the place a vibrant and lively venue.

We will miss being here, your faces, the view outside and the gorgeous countryside around us. We have enjoyed the five years we have had here. We’re working towards handing over to Josh by the late May bank holiday, when he will be hosting an opening party on Sunday 26 May, which will include food and live music in the beer garden.

So there will be some 'last chance' opportunities in the coming weeks, so you can pop in and have a smokehouse platter, or a Roy’s Roast, take part in our pub quiz or just come for a pint and a natter. And of course see the dogs, as we know they will be sorely missed by many of you!

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