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Half price steak night every Thursday

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

As we all wait with our breath held to see if our new Prime Minister will be offering any support to households and businesses with regards to energy costs, we are planning to keep moving forwards and try to offer affordable options for you to get out with family and friends.

With this in mind, next Thursday (15 September) we are launching our half price steak nights every Thursday! We will be offering a 8oz rump steak, served with two sides of your choice, for just £10. We are able to do this by working closely with our brilliant local butchers, Wares in Torrington and also by sticking to one other caveat: this will be available on a booking and pre-order basis only. By working like this, we are able to pretty much eliminate any waste and ensure we operate the kitchen at maximum efficiency. We will need to know if you would like to join us by midday on Thursdays, so we can go and buy your steaks ready for service in the evening. Tables will be available from 6pm-8pm and the offer will run alongside our usual menu for anyone in your party who is not a steak fan!

Alongside the half-price steak, we will also have special offers each week on great wines to enjoy with your meal and of course have our usual range of ales from £3.70 per pint and lagers and ciders from £4.30 per pint. And don't worry, our mid-week meal deals will be staying, but offered on a Wednesday night.

So, if you fancy joining us for the first steak night - give us a call on 01805 625313 or book online before 12 noon on 15 September.

We'd like to share alongside this fun announcement a quick update on where we stand in the current crisis, as we know lots of people have asked with genuine concern for how we (and any other business) will be able to carry on.

We are unfortunately in the bracket of businesses that has to renew their electricity contract in October of this year. We only use gas for heating and sit on a variable price when our tank needs filling, so there is little we can do to change this, but you will likely see the fire providing our heat more often this winter!

We took action as soon as we could in February to secure a new electricity contract, as we could only see prices getting worse. We fixed into another contract for two years, which will see what we usually pay double. Whilst this is a blow, it is much better than the deals currently being offered to businesses (which are quite often 300-500% higher) and we have crunched the numbers and, if we are extra careful, we should be able to navigate our way through.

We are also looking at every opportunity to save money where we can and diversify. We have recently introduced our party catering and bar hire service and updated our offer for celebrations at the pub to hosting affordable smaller weddings (we already have our first one booked next May!) Our brilliant team have also stepped up to help, with Sue now baking all our desserts and the whole team continually coming up with great ideas on how we can provide an affordable but quality offering, such as updating and improving our cocktail menu to include only those we can make fresh and in-house.

There is no doubt it is going to be a tough couple of years and is probably more of a challenge than the pandemic itself in terms of business planning, adaptability and stability. However, we're up for that challenge and want to keep seeing all your fabulous faces, so will strive to help you, when your pockets are being equally squeezed, to get out and see us and each other. So do come on down, whether its for a meal or just a pint and enjoy the warmth, company and possibly candle-lit evenings!

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