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Covid 19 - closure and take aways

Now we've had a chance to absorb the new advice from the Government to close all pubs, cafes, restaurants and bars etc. I'd like to update you on our next steps.

Before I do, I would like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic customers and community. We have had so many warm wishes for navigating this new world we find ourselves in and whilst we have only been here a short while, it has made us feel very much at home and supported.

As we're all now aware, the Government is allowing us to still offer a takeaway food service. After discussing this, we are going to start by offering one on Friday and Saturday evenings, 6.30pm to 8pm. Depending on demand, we may add more hours to this service going forwards: it's always worth giving us a call to see if we can provide a meal at other times - if we're here to answer and can help we will!

In order to maintain the social distancing our closure is intended to encourage, we'll be running the service as follows:

  1. Please phone your order through to us on 01805 938285.-

  2. We'll let you know what time to come and pick your food up.

  3. When you collect, come to the rear door of the pub (accessed via the car park). We'll meet you there to take payment.

  4. We can then bring your food out to you when it is ready if you would prefer to wait outside or in your vehicle.

Obviously we can't serve you any drinks whilst you wait as this would now be a breach of our licence. We are however happy to sell what drinks we can as takeaway. We currently have one barrel of real ale remaining on our pumps, so if you would like to bring your own container for us to fill so you can enjoy a pint at home, please do. This barrel has only just gone on, so we'll keep selling it as take-away whilst it is still good!

We will also have a look at whether we can provide a Sunday Roast takeaway service going forwards. This will likely be a whole roast chicken or small joint, with all the trimmings, so you can feed the whole family. Let us know if you think this would be a good idea!

It's worth noting we are NOT offering a carvery takeaway on Sunday 22 March.

We are working on a grocery service too - our local supplier Dartfresh have sent us a list of items they can deliver daily (no minimum order). I will share this and you can place your order with us, then collect from the pub the next day. This will hopefully avoid you having to run the gauntlet of the supermarket shop too often and we can also deliver (via our team of fabulous village volunteers) if you're self-isolating or otherwise unable to get out and about.

I'd like to also say we absolutely plan to keep our fabulous team. They are all still working for us, although have been on paid leave when not in the pub over the last week. Going forwards, they will obviously not be around, but as soon as we can get back to some resemblance of normality, we'll be working them hard again!

We hope you stay well and please do get in touch if you need help, support or just a chat: 01805 938285.

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