Week four - pizza anyone?

So, we're into week five of lock down and with Ministers agreeing to another 3 weeks at least, we have taken stock and thought about what else we can offer whilst we all face this together.

We'll be continuing the grocery hub service, having picked and packed our 60th one this week! We're very happy to be offering this and have had lots of lovely feedback from people.

Since the start of the lock down, guidance has shifted to allow pubs to offer a take away service, provided social distancing is maintained and it is offered as a collection/delivery service only. With this in mind, we have re-visited the take away option and have been busy formulating a plan! We have sourced some delicious pizza ingredients - as this is a quick and easy option in terms of packaging and preparation. Whilst we would love to offer a full menu, without George and Sophie in the kitchen to help, it would be hard for us to get this to you at a standard we'd be happy with.

We're hopeful we can offer this from as early as next week. It is likely we'll start doing it just a couple of evenings a week and mainly via customer collection - although we can look at some very local deliveries if you're self-isolating or not able to collect. One thing we have learned from the grocery hub is we can offer a very safe collection space in our car park, as there is ample room to maintain a 2m distance. We'll therefore be taking pre-orders only, so we can allocate collection slots. We can then also take payment over the phone by card when you order.

Once we have this perfected and a feel for demand, we may look to add some other options to the takeaway menu, such as burgers or pasta.

So - watch this space! We will be sharing more information and how/when to get your pre-orders in very soon.

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