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Tearing through the tiers and a Happy New Year!

It's a big fat Happy New Year from us at The Bell Inn! As those of you who follow us on Facebook will know, we had a tricky time between Christmas and New Year, with storm Bella doing her best to cause as much damage as she could and a very poorly Patch who had to be hospitalised for 6 days.

We're very happy to say that we are firmly out the other side of these last challenges thrown down by 2020. Patch is back on top form and the storm damage was not serious and is all fixable. We have to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our neighbours and friends for helping us get the marquee safely down, looking after Max whilst we organised the proper care for Patch and generally being there for both moral and emotional support. Also a huge thank you for all the well wishes shared for us and our four-pawed family - it all helped us battle through!

Of course, in amongst all of this we also got the news that we'd be in tier three for the foreseeable, meaning our doors as a pub would need to close again. We had of course already made that decision from December 25, which we are now very relieved about, as it has at least meant we have not had to waste any stock as a result of the tier changes.

With little prospect of coming out of tier 3 in the near future (based on the news reports today), we are of course re-launching our takeaways from this Friday (8 January)! As per previous lockdowns, we will be offering them on Friday and Saturday evenings, 6pm to 8pm. The menu and online ordering is available right here on our website - just click on the menu tab, or give us a call on 01805 938285 to book a collection slot and let us know what you would like.

We're starting this week with our burgers, pizzas and ribs, all freshly prepared on site for you. We will add more to the menu in the coming weeks, but tier three has added some inevitable supply chain issues, which means we can't yet provide our full lockdown takeaway menu. Sadly the constant yo-yo between opening and closing hospitality affects our suppliers just as much as us and they have to juggle keeping stock against costly waste, so we can't always get everything we would usually offer. However, as they manage to strike that balance, we will add our dishes to our online menu.

We will hopefully see you for one (or more!) takeaways over the coming weeks. In the meantime, stay safe and well. We can't wait for the better times to come back again - boy we're going to have one hell of a party!

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