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Our newest addition to the pub family

So... I promised to update you on a little mission we went on over our two days off last week. We were off to meet this little fella:

He is four weeks old, so will be coming home at the start of December. He comes from the same breeder as our Max and shares his Dad, so is a half-brother.

I know some will have claxons going off in their minds ringing "too soon" and initially, there were some going off in ours, but the hole Max has left is one filled with love and whilst we know this little chap will never replace Max, he will get to soak all that love up and we, and all our regulars, have plenty to give!

So, we hope to see you all to welcome him to his new home and life in North Devon next month. In the meantime, we have our charity fundraiser with The Littleham Howlers to remember Max this Friday night and there are tables available if you would like to come along. Plus we have Paws in the Pub Saturday lunchtime, where we will still be taking any donations towards the fundraiser. Check out our What's On page for more information on both.

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