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It's all about the side hustle...

Have a think about your friends and family and what they do for a living and I bet you can count quite a few that have a "side hustle" or second job to generate income. Whether it be using a talent such as photography, art or crafting to create beautiful items they then sell on, using their expert knowledge to help others or quite simply having more than one day job, it seems many of us now have (a quite legitimate) side hustle to make ends meet. The posh term for it is probably diversification - long a buzz word in business circles, it's quite frankly a necessity these days.

Us publicans are no different. With the current economic headwinds, never more so than now! We are all diversifying to secure the future of our businesses and the buildings we are the custodians of, so hopefully future generations can enjoy the great British Pub.

We have developed several over the last 12 months, all of which you can find out more about right here on our website. They include:

  • Selling our smokes and bakes to enjoy at home

  • A mobile bar hire service

  • Catering services for parties and events

  • Hosting affordable weddings (with a full wedding licence) here at the pub!

We have experience behind us in all these areas, including our mobile bar for the Barton Barn Bash last year that saw over 600 people enjoying a great night out for charity, our first wedding this summer and several occasions where we have catered for parties.

Coming up this year we have two more weddings - one on-site and one off-site where again we're providing the bar, plus another large party to cater for in August and the pub has been hired out for a private party in November. So plenty in the pipeline, but also scope to do many more. So, if you have an event planned, get in touch and we'll happily give you a quote.

You can reach us on 01805 625313 or use our contact form on any of our website pages to get more details.

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