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Fun darts night & other winter activity plans

Phew, it has been a while since we posted, as the summer has been fantastically busy and a hugely welcome start to a recovery from all the lockdowns and restricted trading over the last year and a half.

Summer has offered us the chance to host events outside, but of course, winter is on its way and with it the inevitable colder, wetter and windier weather, all fun needs to move inside! So, our thoughts are now on what activities we can offer over the coming months that can take place indoors, but keep numbers to a level that provides a responsible approach to reducing the spread of Covid (which we all know is still with us) and enables us to stay within restrictions should they be reintroduced (which we also all know isn't entirely off the table!)

Live music will be in the mix - but it will likely be ticketed (free of charge) to manage numbers inside the building. We will release more information as and when we get local bands booked.

In addition, we would like to start up a darts night, for regular and friendly just-for-fun matches. The local darts leagues have taken a hit on numbers, meaning not all teams have been able to reach the minimum players, including the team that played the Hartland League with us on Thursdays. So, we're looking to start up our own regular darts evening, playing friendly matches within the group, with a mind to perhaps entering a team in the leagues next season if we have enough players up for this. We hope to get this up and running on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening. We'll be putting posts out to find out if there's any preference as to which evening on our Facebook Page, but please do just pop in and let us know if you are interested.

Other activities we would like to get re-started include our monthly quiz night, which we book tables for so can manage numbers and some new ideas such as a regular wine and cheese night (more on this soon).

We will let you know as soon as we can when these winter-friendly plans will start!

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