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Fingers and toes crossed for April!

So, the time finally came yesterday when we got some news on when we might see light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. And with the sun shining and spring definitely in the air, it was a positive day!

So, it is with renewed energy we are planning to open outside and make the most of our beer garden - hopefully in April if all goes to plan with the lifting of lockdown. The marquee will be back in action (albeit without sides to ensure we stick to the outdoors rule) and we have a little plan up our sleeves to bring the indoors of the pub outside! You will have to wait and see what that is - I will reveal all here in due course! We will weatherproof as much as we can, but appreciate this is not always easy with the North Devon winds and rain fall still very prevalent in spring. We may have to be flexible with our opening hours initially, until we can get back up and running inside, hopefully in May.

All variables aside, we can't wait to get back open and enjoying your company again. And we know from speaking to those who have picked up takeaways that the last 8 weeks have been tough on us all. Whilst staying safe is an absolute priority, we are also massively looking forward to being the space you reconnect with loved ones, friends and family. Whether you have worked through

the lockdowns or not, everyone has missed the opportunity to make the most of their downtime by spending it in good company and engaging in that proverbial best medicine: laughter. When the day comes we can look up from pulling a pint to see everyone chatting and chortling, we'll be happy again!

In the meantime, we'll continue with our takeaways and keep you posted on how and when we'll be open, as the coming weeks unfold.

Stay safe and positive - we are nearly there!

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