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Festive season opening hours

Well, this is exciting! We have decided we can actually make some clear decisions with regards to our opening hours over the festive season this year, as it still all looks good for a relatively "normal" Christmas and New Year. When we look back to this time last year, when we were five days into the second lockdown and had no idea whether Christmas was even on the cards, it feels quite wild to be posting about opening hours over the festive season!

We have already put out info about the live music we have planned for Boxing Day and our New Year's Eve party. To add to this, we are also now planning a pub quiz in the evening on New Year's Day - the perfect light-hearted hangover antidote, complete with a choice of carb-heavy basket meals available to soak up the week's excesses! You must book to come along though, as it will no doubt fill up fast.

So here are the opening hours and the activities planned for us over the festive season. Note, you can copy and save the image below to your phone for future reference if you would like to.

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