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Corned beef hash is on the menu!

Who remembers corned beef from a tin, fried with potatoes, onions and peas? Well, so do we and our corned beef (or salt beef) hash is nothing like this!

Roy has been at it again in the kitchen and this time he has cured his own corned beef. It was a bit of a challenge, set by himself, as he always hated corned beef as a child and yes, he only ever tried the tinned variety! So, in order to prove corned beef could be so much better, he started researching recipes to produce his own and, I have to admit, he has perfected it!

The beef cures first in his own mix of spices, then he slow-cooks it until tender, creating subtle layers of flavour with the spices coming through and a very light saltiness. Combined with potatoes, peas, onions and gravy in a hash and you have a delicious and comforting main element to your meal. To take that comfort-food factor up another notch, we then toast and butter two crumpets (the ultimate Sunday tea round your Nan's according to Roy!) The corned beef hash is served on top, with a poached egg balanced at the pinnacle, so when you cut into the rich yellow yoke, it oozes gently into the hash!

If your mouth is watering, never fear - we have this on our specials board now! For £13.50, you can indulge in this new dish.

Of course, we are also looking at other ways we can serve it - we're already dabbling with a corned-beef topped burger with sweet onion chutney!

Either way, it's bound to take you back, but also surprise you with a new corned-beef experience that we hope is just as memorable.

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