Changing from carvery to plated roasts

“After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw it away and start all over.” —Alfred Edward Perlman

We have taken the opening quote from Alfred Edward Perlman to heart and, as of last Sunday, changed how we deliver our Sunday roasts. After two and a half years of offering a carvery service, we are now plating the meals and bringing all the trimmings to the table for you.

It's the same great ingredients, the same healthy portions and the same amazing flavours. We will still offer a choice of three slow-cooked joints (or veggie option), two fresh vegetables, Yorkshire puds, roasted spuds, cauliflower cheese, stuffing, crackling and our fabulous homemade gravy. All for £12 per head for adults, £9 for children. We had several regulars in to test the water on Sunday and they all agreed it was as delicious as ever!

The benefits to us are linked with the impact of the pandemic and also the new challenges around the costs of utilities and increasing prices. By plating the roasts we can:

  • Move away from the slower carvery service,

  • Lessen the movement of people around the pub on busy Sundays and so hopefully limit the possible spread of Covid-19,

  • Reduce the number of appliances we have to use on Sundays that burn electricity, as we will no longer need to switch on the carvery units,

  • Reduce waste, as we can prep and plate more easily to order.

By adapting how we work to enable this, we are also able to offer a mid-week lunchtime roast for just £9 per head, using the same quality ingredients we always use, just with slightly fewer elements on the plate. Watch this space for more details, as this will start from Wednesday 13 April. We are also working with a local community organisation to secure funding to support a lunch club project to hopefully allow people who do not have their own transport to come along and enjoy some good food and company once a week. Again, more details to come.

Being able to adapt and change quickly is one of the benefits of running a small business. And the last two years have given us all a chance to fully test our adaptability, in all aspects of our lives. There is no doubt the challenges have not slowed in terms of operating in this day and age, as prices increase and we all have to budget more carefully. So we are working hard to make sure we offer fantastic value, without compromising on our locally sourced, fabulous ingredients.

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